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  The Aquasana Affiliate Program is a straight-forward 2 tiered plan that allows Affiliates to market the top rated home water filtration systems in the U.S. and earn 30% Affiliate commissions! The focus of this program is to get quality products in the hands of consumers at value added prices while offering substantial rewards to our Affiliates.  
  URL: http://www.sunh2o.com/AffiliateAgreement.cfm  
  Active America, Inc.  
  If you have a website or newsletter related to Arthritis, health, pet health, athletics, pain, vitamins, wellness, seniors, sports, or aging... we will send you a monthly check just for linking to us. We pay you $6.00 for each bottle of our liquid glucosamine osteoarthritis formula Syn-flex sold and for all reorders as well.  
  URL: http://www.activexamerica.com/affiliates/
  Balance Your Nutrition  
  You will receive 25% of the payment credited to your account for each person that joins up for membership under you. If those members also purchase something through our site you will get an additional 15% of the value of their purchase. With the average purchase amounting to $58.00, that would mean another $8.70 added to your account in addition to the member referral fee  
  URL: http://www.balanceyournutrition.com/Affiliates.htm  
  Cyber Pills  
  $20 plus 10% on all new orders. You earn $20 plus 10% of the product price on all new orders. Lifetime customers. You earn $20 plus 10% on re-orders. We actually store your affiliate ID in your customer's record in our database. This ensures that EVERY single re-order placed by a customer you send to us get credited to you. With such a lucrative re-order payout, you wouldn't want to miss out on a single commission.  
  URL: http://www.cyberpills.com/affiliates.html  
  Rite Air  
  Joining the RiteAir affiliate program gives you the chance to grab your share of this $4 Billion industry today!! RiteAir affiliates receive 15% of every sale that results from a referral from their web-sites, and whether the customer buys today or a month from now, you'll still be paid commission for any sales.

15% commission on sales resulting from your referrals (Typical sales range from $80 to $400, so you'll make up to $60 per sale)

Second tier earns 10% override for commissions to sites that you refer to this program

Innovative, high quality products and superior customer service means higher conversions and commissions.

Tracking and reporting performed by a 3rd party ("DirectTrack") so you can rest assured that you're being paid accurate commissions down to the last penny!

Affiliate payments made "on time!", "every time!"

  URL: http://www.riteair.com/affiliates.htm  
  Global Fitness  
  Whenever someone you refer to GHF becomes a GHF member, you receive a 20% commission of their membership fee! And since we just added two more excellent services, the GHF Customized Diet Plan and the GHF Get Motivated for Life Success System, you'll earn commissions on these orders as well. You can potentially earn $34 for each and every order referred from your website or e-mail newsletter...with absolutely NO overhead! What's more, we now offer a 30-day trial for just $4.95 and you'll earn 100% of this fee, in addition to 20% of the full membership fee!  
  URL: http://www.global-fitness.com/affiliates.html  
  To boost your energy levels and healthy lifestyle, choose tasty supplements, vitamins and antioxidants nutritional supplements - liquid vitamins antioxidants, with all-natural ingredients and minerals plucked from plants and the earth itself - no sugar or artificial preservatives added.  
  URL: http://www.a-nutritional-supplements.com/  

  Health Articles on Phentermine, Viagra and Cialis  
  Health Articles on Phentermine, Viagra and Cialis
Informative articles on various health related issues helping you make the right decisions with your prescriptions.
  URL: http://www.always-health.com/  

  Maximum Result HGH Complex  
  Maximum Result HGH Complex is the most effective, safe, clinically tested natural HGH product available! and it's backed by a 90-Day, no quibble, money-back guarantee!  
  URL: http://www.hghhealthshop.com/  

Vioxx Lawyer  
Vioxx Lawyer - Vioxx Side Effect & Injury Lawyers: If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of using Vioxx our highly experienced Vioxx Lawyers can help - contact us today.  
URL: http://www.petrilaw.com/  

BodyMath - A Multidimensional Approach To Healing
Learn how to understand and heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies using a 12-chakra, well grounded system and start feeling whole again.
URL: http://www.bodymath.com/

Sciatica Pain Relief
Sciatica Pain Relief - Find out exactly what's causing your Sciatica and how you can finally get rid of it quickly and without harmful medications or dangerous surgery.  
URL: http://www.losethebackpain.com/  

Cancer Research Foundation
The cancer research foundation is formed for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. All of their revenue goes to benefit leading cancer research insitutions.
URL: http://www.cancerresearchfoundation.com

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