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Debt Management Programs

If you are like many Americans, you may find yourself fairly deep in personal debt. No matter what the cause of your debt or how far down you seem to be, there is a lot of wonderful debt management programs available that can help you reduce your annual percentage rates, and lower your monthly payments. In the United States, unsecured debt such as credit card debt is the most common. Credit counseling companies are available to assist you in an assessment of your debt, and can help combine these debts together, while making one simple payment per month. The wonderful thing about these debt management programs is that they offer their services for free. The counselors will speak to your creditors and get the APR lowered. Then, they combine all cards together, and you simply make one monthly payment to the counseling company. Although your credit card accounts will be deactivated, this process is one of the most effective in getting your payments and your total debt reduced.

Another of the most common debt management programs is to speak to a loan representative at your bank. Many times, banks can offer you personal loans that you can use to pay off your debt, and make one simple payment to the bank. Be sure to speak to someone there to make sure their interest rates are fairly low at the time you apply. If the rates are lower than your credit card rates, this may be another great option. If you find yourself in collections, probably the best thing to do is to make your own debt management program by writing each of your debtors, and offering to settle the debt for much less than you owe. Odds are, the creditors may accept your offer and you can pay off the remainder of your debt in one simple payment and be done with it. Remember though, that if you take this route and your creditors accept your offer that you must be prepared to pay off the remainder in one lump sum. Do some research and find out which debt management programs are best for you.

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