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With the cost of software ever increasing, many computer program manufacturers now offer free programs, and most are available to download online. The most common of all free programs are those that play media, such as music and videos. Many different websites offer free downloads of these programs. Of course, there is an incentive on their part to get consumers to download these free programs. For example, Apple's itunes is free to download, but it encourages people to purchase music from the itunes store. Other examples of this are Real Player, who also provides an online music download system. In addition to media players, there are hundreds of other free programs available to download. One important tip to remember is to be sure these programs are safe for your computer, and are free from viruses. Downloading free programs that you are not aware of or that are not legitimate can cause serious harm to your computer. Be sure you know all about what you download before you install it on your hard drive.

Many Internet applications require the download of certain free programs in order for different formatted web pages to work. An example of this is Macromedia's Flash Plug-in, which allows browsers to see flash websites and all their functions. There are also some Web browsers that can be downloaded at no charge. Mozilla's Firefox and Netscape are both examples of free web browsing software. Both of these programs provide online browsing capabilities, with pop up blockers and other security extras. Many people claim that the free browsers are much safer than Internet Explorer. When you need to read forms such as those in a PDF file, Adobe offers their Acrobat Reader program at no charge. Look around and find out which free programs will be best for you and your needs.

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