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Legal Assistant Program

Many professionals today are looking to join a legal team as a legal assistant. The more common term for a legal assistant is paralegal, and choosing the right legal assistant program can be very helpful in establishing your career. You definitely want to make sure you look for a program that is certified, like the CLA program. This legal assistant program follows the national standard for those seeking a career in the legal field. It offers the proper training and information needed to pass the CLA exam. This exam is necessary for anyone who wants to become a paralegal, so the proper training is essential. You must learn legal terminology as well as courtroom procedures, as well as ethics and standards.

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It is highly recommended that you receive your bachelor's degree or associate degree in a legal assistant program before you attempt to become certified. This background will provide you with the knowledge necessary to become a paralegal. Many law firms require that you have several years' experience as an assistant with a member of the bar before becoming certified as well. The CLA exam is a two-day exam that covers many facets of the law, so look into the proper study materials and manuals before taking the exam. It also costs a fee to take the CLA exam, which can range from 200 to about 250 dollars. Experience and practice are the best way to join a legal assistant program. The career is well paying and can also lead to other exciting opportunities, which include becoming a lawyer. There are self-study programs, or you can opt to join a classroom-based program, which offers more one on one experience. Whichever way you choose, joining the exciting and dynamic world of legal assistants is a great choice for anyone looking to further their career.

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