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Safety Training Program

When working on a jobsite, safety is of the utmost importance. Injuries and accidents on the jobsite are an unfortunate occurrence that can often be avoided when a thorough safety training program is implemented. If your company and employees drive vehicles on a daily basis, a very important element of the safety training program should include driver safety. This curriculum should cover seatbelt usage, proper driving techniques, and etiquette on the road. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries on the job, so be sure to include driver safety in your overall safety training program. In many cases, driving is one of the major focuses when it comes to safety. Depending on the line of work you are involved in will have a lot of impact on what other items need to be addressed. If many of your workers use a ladder, it is imperative that ladder safety training is taught. This should cover the basics such as how to carry and transport a ladder, all the way up to how to safely climb and descend a ladder.

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Other items that might be included in a safety training program are how to operate heavy machinery, dealing with electricity and electrical currents, and how to deal with dogs if much of your work is based outdoors. Most good safety training programs should include training materials, quizzes, instructional videos, and tests to ensure that your employees understand the proper safety procedures. OSHA looks in on companies from time to time to ensure that their employees are following the correct safety procedures, so be sure everyone is wearing the proper safety products, including footwear, hard hats, and vests if needed. With the right training and a full and thorough understanding of how to perform your job safely, the workplace should be free of any unforeseen accidents, and overall a much safer place to work.

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