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Wedding Programs

When planning on getting married, a lot is involved in getting ready for the big day. Like most formal occasions, your wedding should be elegant, fun, and organized. Wedding programs are a great way to let your guests know the outline of your ceremony, and they also make a lovely keepsake. But what should you include in the program? How should the format look? These are questions that only you and your significant other can answer, as you want the programs to be special to you and look the way that you want them to. First and most importantly, wedding programs should list the names of both the bride and groom, as well as the date of the wedding. Traditionally, this information would be on the front cover of your program. Add a nice photo or personal picture to the front to make it look beautiful.

When you've decided on the order of your ceremony, gather all names of the participants as to ensure everyone involved receives the proper credit. You may want to list the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as both the bride and groom's family members on the inside cover. On the main page, list in order the way the ceremony will go, as well as any song titles that you might use. Wedding programs are something all your guests can take home to remember that very special day. When listing the reading of the vows, the name of the minister or other official should be included. If you've written your own vows, having them listed on the program makes a nice touch. Remember that your wedding programs should be easy to read, look pretty, and check them for any typos before printing them and distributing them. With some planning, you should be able to create beautiful programs that will make for long lasting memories.

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