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  Fire Trust
  You are referring proven products that sell themselves. There are hundreds of millions of potential customers world wide. You'll receive 40% of the price of Firetrust products for every copy sold directly via your site. When you refer someone to our affiliiate program and they sign up, they become your sub-affiliate. For every sale your sub-affiliate makes, you will be credited with 10% of that sale. What's more your sub-affiliate still gets their 40%. We offer monthly bonuses to our top performing affiliates Online statistics and reporting in realtime  
  URL: http://www.firetrust.com/affiliates/  
  As one of our Marketing Partners, you can earn unlimited commissions while recommending our products to your visitors. Our partner program offers great content, high commissions on high average sales, ongoing incentives and professional support. With our 15% standard commision and 5% second tier bonus on our average sale of over $200, your revenue with us will add up fast. We also offer performance based volume incentives and ongoing promotional bonuses to keep you interested.  
  URL: http://www.presentationpro.com/partners/Affiliates.asp  
  Every time you send us a customer from your site, you earn 10%

For every affiliate who signs up through you, you will receive an additional 5% commission.

Our software will keep track of each person that visits our website, sent to us from your advertisements. When someone you referred registers, we will record that sale and automatically issue your commission! You will automatically receive an email notifying you of the amount you just earned! You will be able to check your statistics from your online account Affiliate commission is paid out once a month by wire transfer Spam and/or Refresh Techniques, will cause termination of your account. To become an Affiliate follow the reseller/partner link on the top menu bar and then scroll down to the affiliate program link.
  URL: http://www.myreferer.com/ap/  
  Software Outlet  
  It's so simple that all you have to do is place a text link or a banner on your website promoting SoftwareOutlet.com and we will pay you 10% commission on all sales generated from your site. We'll provide you with the banners and links to our site, so you can begin generating commissions immediately.

Money. Why not earn extra money for that empty space on your website. Everyone who's on the internet can use software. And we have the best selection of discount software on the net. Just browse through our online store. We think you'll agree we've got incredible deals and so will the customers that you refer to us. When people find us they usually buy something because we've got really great deals. Those sales can mean big commission checks for you. Why not give us a try. It's free. To join click the affiliate link in the top right corner of the homepage and sign up today!
  URL: http://www.softwareoutlet.com/index.php  
  eCommerce Toolbox  
  Join our affiliate program today and start earning some of the highest paid commissions by promoting our one-of-a-kind eCommerce Tools called Wizard Internet Software!

We pay an incredible 30% commission on orders generated from your links, plus 20% on all orders generated by your 2nd-tier affiliates links. The average commission per order is $70-$140!

Earn up to 45% 1st Tier Commissions. The more commissions you earn, the higher the percentage we pay you!
  URL: http://ecommercetoolbox.com/affiliate/  
  Apple parts and Mac Accessories at DV Warehouse  
  Specializes in professional audio and video gear and editing products, new and pre-owned Macs, RAID storage, software, hardware, and more.  
  URL: http://www.dvwarehouse.com  
  Want to see your affiliate program here? Contact us at

Managed AntiVirus Software, Firewall, Virus Scan Our unique Antivirus Management application lets IT administrators deploy up-to-date virus protection across their whole network with the push of one button, providing complete desktop and file server protection.

Telecom Billing News
Timely OSS and Telecom Billing news tha'ts updated as warranted.

MMORPG services
Find all the online gaming services you need at IGE.com.


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