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Starting an affiliate program with AffiliateTracking.com has never been easier or more affordable. Hereís why:

(1) They provide you with trained staff to guide you through the process from start to finish.
(2) They respond to your telephone and email inquiries often within the same day.
(3) Their affiliate software is versatile and user friendly. New and established marketers alike can benefit from this solution.
(4) Theyíve recently updated the software to include direct linking, multiple site management, email creative and banner publishing capabilities.
(5) Their affiliate software can track in a cookieless format.
(6) Their redefined solution, which comes with a full Support Center, free email support and a multitude of features, is now available at a discount.

For a limited time, their affiliate software is available for $117 set up and $54.95 monthly for basic services including a 50% discount of the set up fee.

All accounts get to take advantage of free upgrades, client referral program, newsletter and other promos and goodies. They arenít like other companies who bring you onboard and leave you in the dust once youíve paid. You will continue to receive regular communications from them that include tips for program promotion and using each feature in the software to its fullest potential.

But, how easy is it to get started? VERY!

(1) Place an order for service.
(2) Set up your software once the account set up is complete. *This can be done with the assistance of AffiliateTracking.comís staff.
(3) Create a page on your site for your program including links to the sign up form and affiliate stats panel provided with your account.
(4) Promote and administer your program.

Itís simple, so donít wait any longer. Place your order today!

If you have questions prior to placing your order or if you need help with the order, please email or call a representative (877)689-4255.

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